Our Services



Our Services

Express Wash

We hand prep your vehicle with a high pressure gun and a soft foam brush to clean all the areas that are difficult for the equipment package to reach. The vehicle is than soaped, scrubbed, rinsed off and dried with our powerful blowers.

The Works

Everything included from the Express Wash plus three additional services:

  1. Wheel brite - A grime-busting chemical is applied to make the rims on your vehicle shine.
  2. Triple Foam Wax - A multicolored polish is applied to your vehicle along with a silicone based clear coat protectant that will enhance and protect your vehicle's finish!
  3. Underbody spray - A medium pressure rinse that will knock off the dirt and grim that clings to the bottom side of your vehicle. Especially useful during the salty winter days!

Ultimate Wash

Our best wash adds Samurai Shield and Tire Shine to "The Works" wash.

  1. Samurai Shield - A long lasting total body protectant that will protect your car's finish and bead water to the point that your windshield wipers won't seem necessary!
  2. Tire Shine - An additive that protects the rubber on your tires and adds to the shine of your vehicle.

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Wash Books

Our books are great for everyone! A great opportunity to save money with all the convenience of washing as frequently as you want and tickets do not expire. They make a great gift around the holidays for your friends and family. Also available are our 3 packs, Express for $21, Works for $30, and Ultimate for $39. 

Monthly Membership

The monthly membership is payable by credit card and will recharge every month unless cancelled. Our unlimited sticker will be placed on your windshield by our friendly employees. It's a great option to give your car to keep it looking squeaky clean and brand new. So stop by on your way home or just running around town and we'll have you in and out in no time at all!

30 Day Pass

Want all the savings of the Monthly membership but don't want the commitment of recharging every month? Then this plan is just for you! Like the membership this plan also requires a sticker on your windshield. But this option is strictly 30 days payable by cash or card,you can even give it as a gift this holiday season. You can keep your sticker and sign up for another 30 days any time you want!


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